Installation Manual

Page 20
Outdoor Unit Installation
Installation Instructions – Outdoor
Step 1: Select installation location
Before installing the outdoor unit, you must
choose an appropriate location. The following
are standards that will help you choose an
appropriate location for the unit.
Proper installation locations meet the
following standards:
Meet all spatial requirements shown in
Installation Space Requirements ( Fig. 4.1)
Good air circulation and ventilation
Firm and solid — the location can support the
unit and will not vibrate
Noise from the unit will not disturb others
Protected from prolonged periods of direct
sunlight or rain
DO NOT install the unit in the following locations:
Near an obstacle that will block air inlets
and outlets
Near a public street, near crowded areas, or
where noise from the unit will disturb others
Near animals or plants that will be harmed
by hot air discharge
Near any source of combustible gas
In a location exposed to large
amounts of dust
In a location exposed to excessive amounts
of salty air
Fig. 4.1
Outdoor Unit
24 in (60 cm) above
24 in (60 cm)
on right
12 in (30cm)
on left
79 in (200 cm)
in front
12 in (30 cm)
from back wall