Installation Manual

Page 32
Test Run
Before Test Run
Only perform the test run after you have
completed the following steps:
Electrical Safety Checks – Confirm that
the unit’s electrical system is safe and
operating properly
Gas Leak Checks – Check all flare nut
connections and confirm that the system is
not leaking
Confirm that gas and liquid (high and low
pressure) valves are fully open
Test Run Instructions
You should perform the test run for at least 30
1. Connect power to the unit.
2. Press the ON/OFF button on the remote
control to turn it on.
3. Press the MODE button to scroll through the
following functions, one at a time:
COOL – Select the lowest possible temperature.
HEAT – Select the highest possible temperature.
4. Let each function run for 5 minutes, and
perform the following checks:
List of Checks to Perform PASS/FAIL
No electrical leakage
Unit is properly grounded
All electrical terminals
are properly covered
Indoor and outdoor units
are solidly installed
All pipe connection
points do not leak
Water drains properly
from the drain hose
All piping is properly
The unit performs the COOL
function properly
The unit performs the HEAT
function properly
Indoor unit louvers
rotate properly
The unit responds to the
remote control
Test Run