Use and Care Manual

Assembly Instructions
The fan is packaged with its grills unattached. You must attach the grills
before operating the fan.
Warning: Never operate the fan without its foundation and other parts. The
fan must only operate in the upright position, and any other position will be
Do operate the fan only in upright position; any other position could create a
hazardous situation.
Assemble the foundation and other parts of the appliance in the following
a). Unpack the fan and remove all parts from the package
b). Adjust the fan head to up or down position, and then tighten the fasten
c). Use the fasten nut for the back grill to attach the back grill to the fan head,
and then use the fasten nut for the fan blade to hold the fan blade in place.
d). To attach the front grill to the back grill, you must use the grill ring
carefully to hold them together, and fasten the grill ring with the screw
Operating Instructions
1. Before using the fan, make sure that it is on a flat and stable surface.
Damage may occur if the fan is placed on an incline or decline.
2. Set all the switches to the “OFF” position, and then insert the plug directly
into a standard AC socket-outlet. Be sure that the plug fits tightly into the
3. Press “ON/OFF” on the remote control or press on control panel to
start the fan.Press ”SPEED” to select the fan speed level: (Low),
4. If you want to increase the blowing coverage area in your room, press
“SWING” on the remote control or , press on control panel and the fan
will oscillate and cover a wide area of the room. To stop oscillating, just press
it again. Moving the fan head either up or down will change the direction of
the wind.
Cleaning / Maintenance Instructions
To safely take care of your fan, please remember to follow these instructions
1. Always remove the plug from the socket-outlet, and allow the fan to stop
completely before cleaning the fan.
2. Do not allow water to drip on, or enter into the fan housing.
3. Always use a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution.
4. Do not use any of the following agents as a cleaner: Gasoline, Thinners, or
5. In case of malfunction or doubt, do not try to repair the fan yourself, it may
result in a fire hazard or electric shock.
FAN Cleaning
Clean the fan grill, housing and base with a soft damp cloth. Do not attempt
to remove the fan blades. Please use caution around the motor housing area.
Do not allow the motor, or other electrical components to be immersed in
FAN Storage
When storing your fan in the off-season, be sure to store it in a safe and dry
location. It is important to protect the fan head from any dust. We strongly
recommend using the original box when storing the fan away.
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