Instructions / Assembly

ALWAYS use fresh cool water when operating the humidifier.
1. Turn Water Tank upside down, unscrew Water Tank Cap
and fill with cool water only.
DO NOT fill water all the way to the rim.
DO NOT use hot water.
DO NOT add any medication, essential oils, or salt.
DO NOT pour water into Mist Lid.
2. Screw Water Tank Cap back onto Water Tank and turn the tank over to place on
Humidifier Base, making sure it fits together securely.
Note: Do not attempt to move the humidifier while full Water Tank is placed on the
Humidifier Base. Doing so may cause leakage of water and/or Humidifier Base to
3. Plug the power cord into a wall socket and turn on the unit by using the Control Dial.
4. The Power Indicator Light will illuminate in green indicating that there is enough
water in the Humidifier Base and mist will begin emitting through the Mist Lid.
5. Use the Control Dial to adjust the intensity of the mist output.
SET THE CORRECT HUMIDITY OUTPUT: Adjust the Control Dial so the mist rises up to be
absorbed by the room air. If mist drops quickly, turn down the control knob until the mist
is rising up.
6. When the humidifier runs out of water, the Power Indicator Light will turn red and the
mist output will stop. This is a safety feature to prevent the humidifier from possibly
overheating and damaging the Nebulizer. Turn the humidifier off and unplug the
unit before removing and refilling the water tank. When emptying the base, be sure
to pour away from the fan outlet.
To reduce excessive humidity or condensation, especially in small rooms, leave the room
door open and adjust mist intensity to the low output setting.
Too much humidity in the room may allow moisture to accumulate on surfaces where
bacteria and fungi can grow. Moisture that gathers may also damage furniture and
walls, especially wallpaper.