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negative primary power wire to GND terminal next to it on rear of amplifier.
7. Check your work before applying DC voltage to the system. Make certain all connections
are tight and the DC wires are going to the correct terminals.
8. If the unit has the optional internal AC power supply: Connect an unpowered AC cord to
AC plug on rear of amplifier.
9. Refer to Section 2.2 for initial start-up procedures.
To perform the initial start-up, proceed as follows:
1. Check to ensure that all input and output cables are properly connected and tightened.
NOTE: Use high quality coaxial cable and connectors. Properly install all connectors for
CAUTION: Before applying power, make sure that the input and output of the amplifier are
properly terminated in 50 ohms. Do not operate the amplifier without a load attached.
Refer to Table 1-2 for input power requirements. Excessive input power will damage
the amplifier.
NOTE: The output coaxial cable between the amplifier and antenna must be 50 Ohm cable
and adequately sized to handle the rated power level with additional stresses from
high VSWR taken into account. The shield of the 50 Ohm coaxial cable must be
connected to ground at the entrance of the building in which the equipment is installed.
This should be done in accordance with applicable national electrical installation
codes. In the U.S., this is required by Section 820.93 of the National Electrical Code,
2. Apply 48 VDC from your power supply or AC mains power (depending on whether amplifier
has the optional internal AC power supply) to the amplifier with the supplied line cord. After
a short delay, the fans will power on. Check that all fans are running.
3. Visually check the indicators on the front of the amplifier and verify the following:
a. The PWR ON indicator (green) is on.
b. All other LED indicators (red and yellow) are off.
4. Set the external exciter power level so that it is within the specified input power range and
apply the RF signal to the amplifier input port. The amplifier will deliver nominally 250W
at the output connector. The green exciter drive status LED will illuminate when the RF
drive is detected. This LED is meant to give the user a general indication that the exciter
is active and is delivering output power when troubleshooting an alarm condition.
However, it does not indicate that the minimum input power level has necessarily been
5. Remove the RF input signal. The output power will drop to zero. Only the Power On
indicator will be illuminated. The amplifier is ready to use.