Lawn Mower User Manual

IMPORTANT: When using power
take-off operated equipment, best
performance is achieved with the
throttle lever in the “FAST” position.
V. Choke Lever
The choke lever is located to the left of
the steering wheel in the throttle/choke
lever pod. Push the lever forward to
close the engine choke plate.
Safety Interlock Switches
This tractor is equipped with a safety
interlock system for the protection of
the operator. If the interlock system
should ever malfunction, do not
operate the tractor. Contact your
authorized Cub Cadet Dealer. The
safety interlock system prevents the
engine from cranking or starting
unless the brake pedal is fully
depressed, and the PTO is “OFF”.
The safety interlock system will
automatically shut off the engine if
the operator leaves the seat before
engaging the brake lock.
The safety interlock system will auto-
matically shut off the engine if the
operator leaves the seat with the PTO
“ON”, regardless of whether the brake
lock is engaged. The PTO switch
must be “OFF” to restart the engine.
With key switch in “NORMAL
MOWING” position: The safety
interlock system will automatically
shut off the PTO if the reverse
control pedal is depressed with the
PTO “ON”. To re-engage the PTO,
release the reverse control pedal,
push the PTO switch inward to the
“OFF” position, then pull the PTO
switch outward to engage the PTO.
Fueling The Tractor
NOTE: Some fuels, called oxygen-
ated or reformulated gasolines, are
gasoline blended with alcohols or
ethers. Gasolines blended with either
ethyl alcohol (Max. 10%) or methyl ter-
tiary butyl ether (MTBE, Max. 15%)
are approved as fuels for this engine.
If any undesirable operating symp-
toms occur, use gasoline with a lower
percentage of these blends. Do not
use gasoline which contains Methanol
or other alcohol blends. For best
results use only clean, fresh,
unleaded gasoline with an octane rat-
ing of 87 or higher. Purchase fuel in a
quantity that can be used within 30
days to assure fuel freshness. Do not
use gasoline left over from the previ-
ous season to minimize gum deposits
in the fuel system. Leaded gasoline is
NOT RECOMMENDED and must not
be used where exhaust emissions are
Do not fill the fuel tank when the
engine is running or while the engine
is hot. Tighten the fuel cap securely.
Unscrew the fuel cap and fill the fuel
tank from an approved gasoline
Starting The Engine
Operator must be sitting in the
tractor seat.
Push choke lever to the full choke
position. Less choking may be
necessary due to variations in
temperature, grade of fuel, etc. Little
or no choking will be needed when
the engine is warm.
Place the throttle midway between
the “SLOW” and “FAST” position.
Make sure the PTO switch is in the
“OFF” position.
Fully depress the brake pedal.
Turn the ignition key clockwise to
the “START” position and release it
as soon as the engine starts.
However, do not crank the engine