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Model #: CP850AVRLCD
UPC: 649532018505
MSRP: $129.99
The Intelligent LCD Series CP850AVRLCD UPS, designed for mid- to high-end computer systems, features dynamic line
conditioning and an Intelligent LCD diagnostic display.
Real-time system vitals can be viewed using this Crystal-Blue display. The unit can be conveniently mounted in a
workstation cabinet, or directly on a desktop. The CP850AVRLCD guards against surges/spikes, and offers battery
backup in the event of brownouts, or total power loss.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) ensures that all your electronics are receiving clean power and maintains a safe
voltage level. PowerPanel PE ™ Management Software automatically saves and closes open files and then shuts down
the computer system in an intelligent and orderly manner.
The Intelligent LCD Series is also equipped with full dataline protection: RJ11/RJ45 (phone, fax, Ethernet, network, DSL)
and RG-6 coax (DSS, cable modem, satellite, cable TV). “Surge-Only” outlets are perfect for the addition of peripherals
such as monitors, printers, scanners, iPods, or CD/DVD players.
The GreenPower UPS™ technology used in this UPS unit significantly reduces energy-usage and cooling costs
associated with UPS power protection. In fact, the GreenPower UPS™ advanced circuitry bypass reduces energy use by
up to 75% compared to a traditional UPS design. As a result, you can expect to save between $50-to-$150 annually
(varies based on model, and regional kilowatt per hour costs) by using GreenPower UPS™ technology. Click here for
additional information about cost-reducing GreenPower UPS™ technology.
CyberPower stands behind its products by offering an industry-leading 3-year warranty, professional Technical Support,
and a Connected Equipment Guarantee of $250,000.
Intelligent LCD Diagnostic Display: The innovative front panel LCD can be used to display detailed information on the
status of your UPS and current power conditions. The LCD displays 11 different diagnostics: Input voltage level,
Output voltage level, Automatic voltage regulator, Battery capacity, Runtime estimate, Load level, Output frequency,
On battery, Overload, Fault Condition, and Silent mode.
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) - AVR technology will stabilize the AC signal and maintain a safe voltage level
without switching to battery-mode. This conserves battery life, and delivers a cleaner signal to your connected
GreenPower UPS™ - GreenPower UPS™ technology significantly reduces UPS energy costs by bypassing the AVR
transformer when incoming AC power is clean. This not only dramatically reduces utility consumption, but also
reduces heat dissipation and system noise.
Ultra-Quiet UPS - The combination of an advanced ventilation design, high-end system components, and
GreenPower UPS™ technology give CyberPower UPS systems the lowest sound emissions in its class. This makes
our UPS perfect for desktop applications, audio/video installations, and quiet workstation environments.
PowerPanel PE™ Smart Management Software – In event of a power outage, PowerPanel saves your open files and
will hibernate your PC to increase the run-time on the UPS unit. PowerPanel is quickly and easily installed on any
Windows-based PC and is designed to utilize minimal system resources. Diagnostic screens give immediate visuals
of the UPS’s status, and also include system notifications, event/data logging, and scheduled shutdowns.
3-year Warranty - CyberPower will replace your unit if damaged within 3 years of purchase date. We stand behind our
products and guarantee quality. CyberPower also offers a #1 rated technical support team that will assist you with
product, installation, or warranty concerns --- Free of Charge!
Windows Vista ™ compatible - Our Power Management software has been fully tested and is compatible with
Windows 200x, Server, XP, and Vista.

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