13. Troubleshooting
Situation Check Point
The device driver has
been installed, but the
DisplayLink Manager is
not working
1. Make sure you restart your computer after
the driver installation.
2. Check all the connectors are plugged in
3. Make sure the USB port that you are using is
USB 2.0.
4. Check the additional monitor is connected
correctly and the power is on.
5. Make sure the operating system, the Display-
Link Manager is compatible with Windows
XP,Windows 7 and Vista (32bit).
6. Try a different USB 2.0 or computer.
7. Check USB cable
s specication.
DVD player is not work-
ing when moved to the
extended display
1. Try to run another software player if possible,
disable the overlay function.
The mouse does not
move passed the right
side during extended
desk top mode.
1. Check the display settings and make sure
that your display number 2 is on the right side
of display number 1.