Safety Precautions
Please read all instructions before attempting to unpack or install or
operate this equipment, and before connecting the power supply.
Please keep the following in mind as you unpack and install this
Always follow basic safety precautions to reduce the risk of
re, electrical shock and injury to persons.
To prevent re or shock hazard, do not expose the unit to rain,
moisture or install this product near water.
Never spill liquid of any kind on or into this product.
Never push an object of any kind into this product through
module openings or empty slots, as you may damage parts.
Do not attach the power supply cabling to building surfaces.
Do not allow anything to rest on the power cabling or allow it to
be abused by persons walking on it.
To protect the equipment from overheating, do not block the
slots and openings in the module housing that provide
Revision History
Version No Date Summary of Change
V1 20091119 Preliminary Release
V2 20101022 Software Installation
RDV1 20101126 Cancel Firmware Update
VR0 20110526 Add 9.1
VR1 20110708 Delete 10.2