1. Introduction
Today people are spending more of their time around technology, especially
for entertainment purposes, and often encounter problems. People spend a
lot of their watching Internet TV (HULU for instance is a popular source for
internet TV and movies However when the Internet TV viewer requires a larger
viewing screen for a more immersive experience they then have to go
through the hassle of connecting multiple cables, or working with wireless
devices that fail to impress us on their quality. Well our
USB wireless
transmitter and receiver to HDMI display
can allow you to view any PC
information on a compatible TV with a wired like experience. An additional
feature of this product is that it includes extra USB ports allowing it to perform
KVM operations next to the TV, which is an added bonus for those of us who
are multi-taskers.
2. Applications
Wirelessly send Audio and Video from your PC to an HDTV
Watch Internet TV on big screen, wirelessly
3. Package Contents
USB Wireless Transmitter
USB Wireless Receiver
5V DC power adaptor
User Manual
Driver CD
4. System Requirements
System Hardware Requirements: 2.4 GHz single core CPU with at least
1GB RAM for optimal performance
Operating Systems:
Windows XP Home or Professional 32 bits SP2
Windows Vista 32 bits
Windows 7
USB Port Extension:
An available USB 2.0 port with USB to mini USB cable
It is suggested to upgrade your systems graphics drivers, Display Link
software and the mother boards chip set driver to their latest version