OwnerÕs Manual
Model : DV6T834N [Hi-Fi]
DV6T834B [Hi-Fi]
DV6T844N [Hi-Fi]
DV6T844B [Hi-Fi]
In the initial settings, exclusive channel for DVD/Video is
set to CH 3. Set the TV channel to CH3 before using it.
Region code of DVD/Video player for home is 1 or ALL. In
inserting a disc with other region code, it does not
operate. Please only use a disc with region code 1 or ALL.
is a ÔProhibitionÕ mark. If this mark is displayed in
operating the product, please wait for a while, then use
it. If " Prohibition" mark continues to be displayed in
pressing a button after that, it means the button does
not function in the currently played disc.
Press a product button on the remote control then use
the product.
¥ DVD operation : [DVD] button
¥ Video operation : [VCR] button

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