5MXS48TVJU Installation Manual

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Outdoor Unit Installation
6. Relling refrigerant
Check the type of refrigerant to be used on the machine nameplate.
Precautions when adding R410A
Fill from the liquid pipe in liquid form.
1) Beforelling,checkwhetherthecylinderhasasiphonattachedornot.(Itshouldhavesomethinglike“liquidllingsiphon
attached” displayed on it.)
Filling a cylinder with an attached siphon
Stand the cylinder upright when filling.
There is a siphon pipe inside, so the
cylinder need not be upside-down to
fill with liquid.
Filling other cylinders
Turn the cylinder upside-down
when filling.
• Be sure to use the R410A tools to ensure pressure and to prevent foreign objects entering.
7. Charging with refrigerant
period of time.
• Ifthetotallengthofpipingforallroomsexceedsthegurelistedbelow,additionallychargewith0.21oz/ft(20g/m)of
refrigerant (R410A) for each additional piping length.
Outdoor unit capacity class
Total length of piping for all rooms
5MXS48, 4MXL36
131-5/8ft (40m)
• If additional refrigerant has been charged list the amount added on the nameplate on the shield cover.
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