5MXS48TVJU Installation Manual

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Trial Operation and Testing
• Before starting the trial operation, measure the voltage at the primary side of the circuit breaker.
• Check that all liquid and gas stop valves are fully open.
• Check that piping and wiring all match. The wiring error check can be conveniently used for underground wiring and other wiring
that cannot be directly checked. However, if the outside air temperature is
41°F (5°C) or less , the wiring error check function
will not operate.
1. Wiring error check
This product is capable of automatic correction of wiring errors.
Press the wiring error check switch on the outdoor unit service PC-board. However, the
wiring error check switch will not function for 3 minutes after the safety breaker is turned
on. About 15-25 minutes after the switch is pressed, the errors in the connection wiring
will be corrected.
collective indications label on the reverse side of the right side plate or the service
If self-correction is not possible, check the indoor unit wiring and piping in the usual
Service PC-board
Wiring error
check switch
1 2 3 4 5
All Flashing
Automatic correction impossible
Automatic correction completed
Abnormal stop [Note. 3]
Flashing One after another
(One or more of LEDs 1 to 5 are ON)
Terminal block
Wiring error check
LED lighting sequence after a wiring correction.
Order of LED flashing: 2
1 3 4 5
From Room C
to the “kitchen”
From Room E to the
“children’s room 2”
From Room B
to the “living room”
From Room D
to the “children’s room 1”
From Room A
to the “bedroom”
Wiring error example
The figure at left shows branch wiring.
1) Fortworooms,LED3,4and5arenotdisplayed,andforthreerooms,LED4and5isnotdisplayed,andforfourrooms,
2) Afterwiringerrorcheckoperationiscompleted,LEDindicationwillcontinueuntilordinaryoperationstarts.Thisisnormal.
3) Follow the product diagnosis procedures. (Details of product error diagnosis are listed on the reverse side of the right side plate.)
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