5MXS48TVJU Installation Manual

2. Trial operation and testing
• Duringthetrialoperation,rstchecktheoperationofeachunitindividually.Afterthis,checkthesimultaneousoperationof
2-1. Measure the supply voltage and make sure that it is within the specied range.
2-2. In COOL operation, select the lowest programmable temperature;
in HEAT operation, select the highest programmable temperature.
• WhenoperatingtheairconditionerinCOOLoperationinwinter,orHEAToperationinsummer,activatetrial
operation mode by following the instructions in the installation manual for the indoor unit.
2-3. Carry out the trial operation following the instructions in the operation manual to
ensure that all functions and parts, such as the movement of the ap, are working
• To protect the air conditioner, restart operation is disabled for 3 minutes after the system has been turned off.
• WhentrialoperationisconductedinHEAToperationdirectlyafterthecircuitbreakeristurnedon,insomecasesno
air will be output for about 3 to 20 minutes in order to protect the air conditioner.
• During COOL operation, frost may form on the gas stop valve or other parts. This is normal.
2-4. After running the unit for about 20 minutes, measure the temperatures at the
indoor unit inlet and outlet.
• If the measurements are above the values shown in the table below, then they are normal.
COOL operation HEAToperation
Temperature difference between
inlet and outlet
About 14°F (8°C) About 36°F (20°C)
(When running in one room)
2-5. After trial operation is complete, set the temperature to a normal level (78°F
to 82°F (26°C to 28°C) in COOL operation, 68°F to 75°F (20°C to 24°C) in HEAT
• The air conditioner draws a small amount of power in its standby mode. If the system is not to be used for some time after
installation, shut off the circuit breaker to eliminate unnecessary power consumption.
3. Test items
Test item Symptom Check
Indoor and outdoor units are installed securely. Fall, vibration, noise
No refrigerant gas leaks. Incomplete cooling/heating function
are thermally insulated.
Water leakage
Draining line is properly installed. Water leakage
System is properly grounded. Electricalleakage
connected correctly.
No operation or burn damage
Indoor or outdoor unit’s air inlet or air outlet are unobstructed. Incomplete cooling/heating function
Stop valves are opened. Incomplete cooling/heating function
Pipes and wires are connected to the corresponding terminal
blocks/connection ports for the connected unit.
Incomplete cooling/heating function
The priority room setting is set for only 1 room. The priority room setting will not function.
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