5MXS48TVJU Installation Manual

• Make sure that a separate power supply circuit is provided
for this unit and that all electrical work is carried out by
improper electrical construction may lead to electric shock
• Makesurethatallwiringissecured,thatspeciedwires
connections or wires. Improper connections or installation
• When wiring, position the wires so that the electrical
• Before touching electrical parts, turn off the unit.
• The circuit must be protected with safety devices in
accordance with local and national codes, i.e. a circuit
Securely fasten the outdoor unit terminal cover (panel). If the
terminal cover/panel is not installed properly, dust or water
When installing or relocating the system, keep the refrigerant
refrigerant (R410A) such as air. Any presence of air or other
foreign substance in the refrigerant circuit can cause an
abnormal pressure rise or rupture, resulting in injury.
• Do not change the setting of the protection devices. If the
pressure switch, thermal switch, or other protection device
is shorted and operated forcibly, or parts other than those
• Donottouchtheswitchwithwetngers.Touchingaswitch
• Do not allow children to play on or around the unit to
prevent injury.
• Theheatexchangernsaresharpenoughtocut.Toavoid
• Do not touch the refrigerant pipes during and immediately
after operation as the refrigerant pipes may be hot or
through the refrigerant piping, compressor, and other
refrigerant cycle parts. Your hands may suffer burns or
frostbite if you touch the refrigerant pipes. To avoid injury,
give the pipes time to return to normal temperature or, if
you must touch them, be sure to wear proper gloves.
Install drain piping to ensure proper drainage. Improper drain
piping may result in water leakage and property damage
• Insulate piping to prevent condensation.
• Be careful when transporting the product.
• Do not turn off the power immediately after stopping
operation. Always wait for at least 5 minutes before turning
off the power. Otherwise, water leakage may occur.
• Do not use a charging cylinder. Using a charging cylinder
may cause the refrigerant to deteriorate.
• Refrigerant R410A in the system must be kept clean, dry,
and tight.
(a) Clean and Dry -- Foreign materials (including mineral
oils such as SUNISO oil or moisture) should be
prevented from getting into the system.
Tight -- R410A does not contain any chlorine, does not
destroy the ozone layer, and does not reduce the earth’s
protection again harmful ultraviolet radiation. R410A
can contribute to the greenhouse effect if it is released.
Therefore take proper measures to check for the tightness
of the refrigerant piping installation. Read the chapter
Refrigerant Piping Work and follow the procedures.
• Since R410A is a blend, the required additional refrigerant
must be charged in its liquid state. If the refrigerant is
charged in a state of gas, its composition can change and
the system will not work properly.
• The indoor unit is for R410A. See the catalog for indoor
models that can be connected. Normal operation is not
possible when connected to other units.
Remote controller (wireless kit) transmitting distance can be
lamps (inverter or rapid start types). Install the indoor unit
Indoor units are for indoor installation only. Outdoor units can be
installed either outdoors or indoors.
• Do not install the air conditioner or heat pump in the
following locations:
(a) Where a mineral oil mist or oil spray or vapor is
Plastic parts may deteriorate and fall off or result in
water leakage.
(b) Where corrosive gas, such as sulfurous acid gas, is
Corroding copper pipes or soldered parts may result in
refrigerant leakage.
(c) Near machinery emitting electromagnetic waves.
the control system and cause the unit to malfunction.
• Take adequate measures to prevent the outdoor unit
from being used as a shelter by small animals. Small
animals making contact with electrical parts can cause
area around the unit clean.
The outdoor unit should be positioned where the unit and power
supply wires (breaker panel to outdoor unit) are at least 10ft (3m)
away from any televisions or radios. (The unit may cause interference
with the picture or sound.) Depending on the radio waves, a distance
• Dismantling the unit, treatment of the refrigerant, oil and
additional parts must be done in accordance with the
relevant local, state, and national regulations.
Do not use the following tools that are used with
conventional refrigerants: gauge manifold, charge hose, gas
base, vacuum gauge, or refrigerant recovery equipment.
• If the conventional refrigerant and refrigerator oil are
• This air conditioner or heat pump is an appliance that
should not be accessible to the general public.
• Asdesignpressureis604psi,thewallthicknessofeld-
installed pipes should be selected in accordance with the
relevant local, state, and national regulations.
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