5MXS48TVJU Installation Manual

Precautions on Installation
• Check the strength and level of the installation surface so that the unit does not cause
any operating vibrations or noise after installation.
• Fixtheunitinplacesecurelyusingfoundationbolts,asinthegure.(Prepare4setsof
1/2 inch (M12) foundation bolts, nuts and washers; all sold separately.)
• It is best to screw in the foundation bolts until their ends are 3/4 inch (20mm) from the
foundation surface.
Outdoor Unit Installation Diagram
• Do not connect the embedded branch piping and the outdoor unit when only carrying out piping work without connecting the
indoor unit in order to add another indoor unit later.
Make sure no dirt or moisture gets into either side of the embedded branch piping.
Refer to “4. Refrigerant piping” on page 9 for details.
• It is not possible to have only 1 indoor unit connected. Be sure to connect at least 2 or more indoor units.
9-13/16 (250) from wall
Allow space for piping
and electrical servicing.
If there is a danger of the unit
falling or overturning, fix the unit
with foundation bolts, or with
wire or other means.
In sites with poor drainage, use
block bases for the outdoor unit.
Adjust foot height until the unit is
level. Otherwise, water leakage
or pooling of water may occur.
Also insulate the connection on the outdoor unit.
Use tape or insulating material on all connections to prevent air
from getting in between the copper piping and the insulation
Be sure to do this if the outdoor unit is installed at a higher
elevation than are any of the indoor units connected to it.
Right side plate
19-1/4 (488)
(Foot bolt-hole
(Foot bolt-hole centers)
29-1/8 (740)
Allow 11-13/16” (300mm) of work
space below the ceiling surface.
Clamping material
Insulation tube
Right side plate
unit : inch (mm)
Top plate
Refrigerant piping must be protected from physical
Install a plastic cover or equivalent.
Wrap the insulation pipe
with finishing tape from
bottom to top.
7-1/16 (180)
Shield cover
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