CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

Preparation before Operation
To set the batteries
Position and
Slide the front cover to take it off.1.
Set two dry batteries AAA.LR03 (alkaline).2.
Set the front cover as before.3.
To x the remote controller holder on the wall
controller holder
Remote controller
Choose a place from where the signals reach 1.
the unit.
Fix the holder to a wall, a pillar, etc. with the
screws supplied with the holder.
Place the remote controller in the remote
controller holder.
Celsius/Fahrenheit display switch
The Celsius or Fahrenheit display is selectable with the following buttons.
Press and simultaneously for
5 seconds.
The temperature will be displayed in Fahrenheit if it is presently displayed in Celsius,
and vice versa.
Notes on batteries
When replacing the batteries, use batteries of the same type, and replace both batteries at the same time.
When the system is not used for a long time, take the batteries out.
The batteries will last for approximately 1 year. If the remote controller display begins to fade and the degradation of reception performance
occurs within a year, however, replace both batteries with new, size AAA.LR03 (alkaline).
The attached batteries are provided for the initial use of the system.
The usable period of the batteries may be short depending on the manufactured date of the air conditioner.
Notes on remote controller
Never expose the remote controller to direct sunlight.
Dust on the signal transmitter or receiver will reduce the sensitivity. Wipe off dust with a soft cloth.
Signal communication may be disabled if an electronic-starter-type uorescent lamp (such as inverter-type lamps) is in the room. Consult the
shop if that is the case.
If the remote controller signals happen to operate another appliance, move that appliance somewhere else, or consult the service shop.
Celsius/Fahrenheit display change function of remote controller
The set temperature may increase when the display is changed to Celsius from Fahrenheit, because a fraction of 0.5°C is rounded up.
Example: A set temperature of 65°F (equivalent to 18.5°C) will be converted into 19°C.
When the display is changed to Fahrenheit again, the set temperature will be converted into 66°F (equivalent to 19°C) instead of the
original set temperature (65°F) but a set temperature of 66°F (equivalent to 19°C) will be converted into 19°C with no temperature change.
A reception sound will go off for the transmission of set temperature to the indoor unit at the time of setting the Celsius/Fahrenheit display change function.
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