CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

FAN Operation
The air conditioner operates with the operation mode of your choice.
From the next time on, the air conditioner will operate with the same operation mode.
To start operation
Press 1. and select an operation mode.
Each pressing of the button advances the mode setting in sequence.
Press 2. .
” is displayed on the LCD.
The OPERATION lamp lights green.
To stop operation
Press again.
” is no longer displayed on the LCD.
The OPERATION lamp goes off.
MODE Notes on each operation mode
Since this air conditioner heats the room by taking heat from outdoor air to indoors, the heating capacity becomes smaller in lower outdoor
temperatures. If the heating effect is insuf cient, it is recommended to use another heating appliance in combination with the air conditioner.
The heat pump system heats the room by circulating hot air around all parts of the room. After the start of HEAT operation, it takes
some time before the room gets warmer.
In HEAT operation, frost may occur on the outdoor unit and lower the heating capacity. In that case, the system switches into
defrosting operation to take away the frost.
During defrosting operation, hot air does not ow out of indoor unit.
This air conditioner cools the room by releasing the heat in the room outside. Therefore, the cooling performance of the air
conditioner may be degraded if the outdoor temperature is high.
The computer chip works to rid the room of humidity while maintaining the temperature as much as possible. It automatically
controls temperature and air ow rate, so manual adjustment of these functions is unavailable.
In AUTO operation, the system selects an appropriate operation mode (COOL or HEAT) based on the room and outside
temperatures and starts the operation.
The system automatically reselects setting at a regular interval to bring the room temperature to user-setting level.
FAN This mode is valid for fan only.
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