CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

POWERFUL Operation
POWERFUL operation quickly maximizes the cooling (heating) effect in any
operation mode. You can get the maximum capacity.
To start POWERFUL operation
Press during operation.
POWERFUL operation ends in 20 minutes. Then the system automatically operates
again with the previous settings which were used before POWERFUL operation.
” is displayed on the LCD.
To cancel POWERFUL operation
Press again.
” is no longer displayed on the LCD.
Normal operation
When you want to get the
cooling effect quickly, start
the POWERFUL operation.
POWERFUL operation
POWERFUL operation will
work for 20 minutes.
Back to normal
Notes on POWERFUL operation
When using POWERFUL operation, there are some functions which are not available.
POWERFUL operation cannot be used together with ECONO, COMFORT AIRFLOW or OUTDOOR UNIT QUIET operation.
Priority is given to the function of whichever button is pressed last.
POWERFUL operation can only be set when the unit is running. Pressing
causes the settings to be canceled, and “ ” is no longer
displayed on the LCD.
POWERFUL operation will not increase the capacity of the air conditioner if the air conditioner is already in operation with its maximum capacity
In COOL, HEAT and AUTO operation
To maximize the cooling (heating) effect, the capacity of outdoor unit is increased and the air ow rate is xed to the maximum setting.
The temperature and air ow settings are not variable.
In DRY operation
The temperature setting is lowered by 4.5°F (2.5°C) and the air ow rate is slightly increased.
In FAN operation
The air ow rate is xed to the maximum setting.
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