CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

ECONO Operation
ECONO operation is a function which enables ef cient operation by limiting the
maximum power consumption value.
This function is useful for cases in which attention should be paid to ensure a
circuit breaker will not trip when the product runs alongside other appliances.
To start ECONO operation
Press during operation.
” is displayed on the LCD.
To cancel ECONO operation
Press again.
” is no longer displayed on the LCD.
Normal operation ECONO operation
In case the air conditioner and other
appliances which require high power
consumption are used at same time, a circuit
breaker may trip if the air conditioner operate
with its maximum capacity.
The maximum power consumption of the air
conditioner is limited by using ECONO operation.
The circuit breaker is unlikely to trip even if the
air conditioner and other appliances are used at
same time.
Maximum during
normal operation
Maximum during
ECONO operation
From start up until set temperature is reached
Running current and
power consumption
This diagram is a representation for illustrative
purposes only.
The maximum running current and power
consumption of the air conditioner in ECONO
operation vary with the connecting outdoor
Notes on ECONO operation
ECONO operation can only be set when the unit is running. Pressing causes the settings to be canceled, and “ ” is no longer displayed
on the LCD.
ECONO operation functions in AUTO, COOL, DRY, and HEAT operation.
POWERFUL and ECONO operation cannot be used at the same time.
Priority is given to the function of whichever button is pressed last.
If the level of power consumption is already low, ECONO operation will not drop the power consumption.
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