CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

Panel tab
Care and Cleaning
Quick reference
How to open / close the front panel
Hold the front panel by the panel tabs on the both sides and open it.
Press the front panel at both sides and the center to close it.
Cleaning parts
Notes on cleaning
For cleaning, do not use the materials as follows.
Hot water above 104°F (40°C).
Benzine, gasoline, thinner, other volatile oils.
Polishing compound.
Scrubbing brushes, other hard stuff.
Before cleaning, be sure to stop the operation and turn the breaker off.
Do not touch the aluminum ns of the indoor unit. If you touch those parts, this may cause an injury.
Air lter
Vacuum dust or
wash the lter.
Once every
2 weeks
Refer to
Page 32
Titanium apatite photocatalytic air-purifying lter
Vacuum dust or replace the lter.
[Cleaning] [Replacement]
Once every 6 months Once every 3 years
Refer to
Page 33
Refer to
Page 33
Front panel
Wipe it with soft cloth soaked
in water.
If bothered by dirt
Refer to
Page 31
Indoor unit,
Outdoor unit and
Remote controller
Wipe them with soft cloth.
If bothered by dirt
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