CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

Check the units
Check that the base, stand and other ttings of the outdoor unit are not decayed or corroded.
Check that nothing blocks the air inlets and the outlets of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.
Check that the drain comes smoothly out of the drain hose during COOL or DRY operation.
If no drain water is seen, water may be leaking from the indoor unit. Stop operation and consult the service shop if this is the
Before a long idle period
Operate the FAN only for several hours on a nice day to dry out 1.
the inside.
Press and select “ operation.
and start the operation.
After operation stops, turn off the breaker for the room air 2.
Clean the air lters and set them again.
Take out batteries from the remote controller.4.
When a multi outdoor unit is connected, make sure the heating operation is not used at the other room before you use
the fan operation.
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We recommend periodical maintenance
In certain operating conditions, the inside of the air conditioner may get foul after several seasons of use, resulting in poor
performance. It is recommended to have periodical maintenance by a specialist aside from regular cleaning by the user.
For specialist maintenance, contact the service shop where you purchased the air conditioner.
The maintenance cost must be born by the user.
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