CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

These incidents are not malfunctions.
The following incidents do not indicate a malfunctioning air conditioner and have explanations. The air conditioner can continue
to operate.
Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
The HEAT operation stops suddenly
and a owing sound is heard.
The outdoor unit is taking away the frost. The HEAT
operation starts after the frost on the outdoor unit is
removed. You should wait for about 4 to 12 minutes.
Operation does not start soon.
When “ON/OFF” button was pressed soon
after operation was stopped.
When the mode was reselected.
This is to protect the air conditioner.
You should wait for about 3 minutes.
The louvers do not immediately swing.
The louvers move soon after startup.
The air conditioner is adjusting the louver position.
The louvers will start moving soon.
Possible sounds.
Flowing water
Generated because the refrigerant in the air conditioner is
This is a pumping sound of the water in the air conditioner
it is heard when the water is pumped out from the air
conditioner in cooling or drying operation.
The refrigerant ows in the air conditioner even if the air
conditioner is not working when the indoor units in other
rooms are in operation.
Generated when the ow of the refrigerant in the air
conditioner is switched over.
Generated when the size of the air conditioner slightly
expands or shrinks as a result of temperature changes.
Whistling sound
Generated when refrigerant ows during defrosting
Clicking sound during operation or idle time
Generated when the refrigerant control valves or the
electrical parts operate.
Clopping sound
Heard from the inside of the air conditioner when the
exhaust fan is activated while the room doors are closed.
Open the window or turn off the exhaust fan.
The outdoor unit emits water or steam.
In HEAT operation
The frost on the outdoor unit melts into water or steam when the air
conditioner is in defrost operation.
In COOL or DRY operation
Moisture in the air condenses into water on the cool surface of outdoor unit
piping and drips.
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