CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

Safety Precautions
Read these safety considerations for operations carefully before installing air conditioning equipment. After completing the
installation, make sure that the unit operates properly during the startup operation. Instruct the customer on how to operate and
maintain the unit.
Inform customers that they should store this operation manual with the installation manual for future reference.
Meanings of DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, and NOTE Symbols:
Indicates an imminently hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, will result in death or
serious injury.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, could result in death
or serious injury.
Indicates a potentially hazardous situation
which, if not avoided, may result in minor or
moderate injury. It may also be used to alert
against unsafe practices.
Never do.
Be sure to follow the instructions.
Be sure to ground the air conditioner.
Never allow the air conditioner or remote controller to get
Never touch the air conditioner (including the remote
controller) with a wet hand.
For refrigerant leakage, consult your dealer.
Refrigerant gas is heavier than air and replaces oxygen. A massive leak could lead to oxygen depletion, especially in basements,
and an asphyxiation hazard could occur leading to serious injury or death.
Refrigerant gas may produce a toxic gas if it comes in contact with re such as from a fan heater, stove or cooking device. Exposure
to this gas could cause severe injury or death.
Any abnormalities in the operation of the air conditioner such as smoke or re could result in severe injury or death.
Turn off the power and contact your dealer immediately for instructions.
Do not install the unit in an area where ammable materials are present due to risk of explosion resulting in serious injury or death.
If equipment utilizing a burner is used in the same room as the air conditioner, there is the danger of oxygen de ciency which could
lead to an asphyxiation hazard resulting in serious injury or death.
Be sure to ventilate the room suf ciently to avoid this hazard.
Safely dispose of the packing materials.
Packing materials, such as nails and other metal or wooden parts, may cause stabs or other injuries. Tear apart and throw away
plastic packaging bags so that children will not play with them. Children playing with plastic bags face the danger of death by
It is not good for health to expose your body to the air ow for a long time.
Do not put your nger or other objects into the air outlet or inlet as the fan is rotating at high speed and could cause injury. Always
keep small children away from the unit during operation.
Do not attempt to repair, relocate, modify or reinstall the air conditioner by yourself. Incorrect work or modi cations could cause
electric shocks, re or other damage.
For repairs and reinstallation, consult your Daikin dealer for advice and information.
If the air conditioner is not cooling (heating) properly, the refrigerant may be leaking, contact your authorized dealer or quali ed
service repairman.
When making repairs which requires adding refrigerant, consult with your authorized dealer or quali ed service repairman.
Do not attempt to install the air conditioner by yourself. Improper installation could result in water leakage, electric shocks or re. For
installation, consult your authorized dealer or a quali ed technician.
The air conditioner must be grounded. Improper grounding may result in electric shocks. Do not connect the grounding wire to a gas
pipe, water pipe, lightning rod, or a telephone ground line. Follow all local and state electrical codes.
Do not use this unit for cooling precision instruments, food, plants, animals or works of art.
Never expose little children, plants or animals directly to the air ow.
Do not block air inlets nor outlets. Impaired air ow may result in poor performance or equipment problems.
Do not stand, sit, or place objects on the outdoor unit. To avoid injury, do not remove the fan guard.
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