CTXS07LVJU Owners Manual

Names of Parts
Remote Controller
Signal transmitter
To use the remote controller, aim the
transmitter at the indoor unit. If there
is anything to block signals between
the unit and the remote controller,
such as a curtain, the unit will not
Do not drop the remote controller. Do
not get it wet.
The maximum distance for
communication is approximately 23ft
FAN setting button
Selects the air ow rate setting.
Page 14
POWERFUL operation.
Page 17
Display (LCD)
Displays the current settings.
(In this illustration, each section is
shown with all its displays on for the
purpose of explanation.)
adjustment buttons
Changes the temperature setting.
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ON/OFF button
Press this button once to start
Press once again to stop it.
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Front cover
Open the front cover.
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