FTXS18LVJU Submittal

Submittal Data Sheet
Indoor Unit Model No. FTXS18LVJU Indoor Unit Name: FTXS18LVJU
Type: Wall Mounted Rated Cooling Conditions:
Indoor (°F DB/WB): 80 / 67
Ambient (°F DB/WB): 95 / 75
Rated Cooling Capacity (Btu/hr): 18,000 Rated Heating Conditions:
Indoor (°F DB/WB): 70 / 70
Ambient (°F DB/WB): 47 / 43
Sensible Capacity (Btu/hr): Rated Piping Length(ft):
Cooling Input Power (kW): 0.040 Rated Height Separation (ft):
Rated Heating Capacity (Btu/hr): 21,600
Heating Input Power (kW): 0.04
Power Supply (V/Hz/Ph): 208-230 / 60 / 1 Airflow Rate (H/M/L/SL) (CFM): 583/385/360/360
Power Supply Connections: L1, L2, Ground Moisture Removal (Gal/hr): 1.0
Min. Circuit Amps MCA (A): Gas Pipe Connection (inch): 1/2
Max Overcurrent Protection (MOP) (A): Liquid Pipe Connection (inch): 1/4
Dimensions (HxWxD) (in): 13 x 45-11/16 x 16-7/8 Condensate Connection (inch): 5/8
Panel (HxWxD) (in): Sound Pressure (H/M/L/SL) (dBA): 46/33/33/33
Net Weight (lb): 31 Sound Power Level (dBA): 62
Panel Weight (lb): Ext. Static Pressure (Rated/Max) (inWg): 0.00 / 0.00
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