T5_R5-ESUF is One to Five SATA Port Multiplier hardware
RAID Controller with LCD Module. It is designed to provide
USB2.0/FireWire400/800 and eSATA ports expansion, data
protection and performance aggregation at various
T5_R5-ESUF uses market-proven Multi-port Serial ATA PHY
technology and proprietary storage processor to provide very
high efficient SATA RAID operation. With an easy
configuration scheme, the device can be a pure port multiplier
which provides SATA port expansion just like a SATA Hub, or
hard-drive performance booster which provides a high
performance device seen by host controller or hard-drive data
protector which automatically backup data to prevent data loss
from hard-drive damage. T5_R5-ESUF also has advance
mode to provide both benefit of performance boost and data
T5_R5-ESUF is a self-contained storage processor chip which
completely frees up the host system CPU loading and the host
USB2.0/FireWire400/800/eSATA ports making it suitable for
use in different OS and host port as flexible external storage
Featuring tray-less, make T5_R5-eSUF the most flexible
JBOD/RAID system in the market.
Switch from a RAID5 to JBOD or any other configure in matter
of seconds, due to hot swap capability, and tray less
Example: There are TWO set of preconfigured HDD:
Set A: 5x HDD configured as RAID5
Set B: 3x HDD as RAID5 and 2x HDD as JBOD
These TWO sets can be hot remove and switch at anytime.
Block Diagram
Front View
Back View
Tray component View
LCD Control Panel Over View

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