Overview of Dell EqualLogicProducts and Resources
Thank you for your interest in Dell EqualLogic™ PS Series storage products. We hope you
will find them intuitive and simple to configure and manage.
PS Series Hardware
PS Series arrays are designed to be highly available and optimize resources by automating
volume and network load balancing.
• PS6000 Series Enterprise Oriented, 16 drive, 3U chassis with full features
S6000S Low Latency, High Random IO SSD
For more information:
S6000XV Performance Oriented 15,000 RPM SAS
For more information:
S6000X Balanced Performance and Capacity 10,000 RPM SAS
For more information: http://www.equallogic.com/products/Default.aspx?id=7889
S6000E Cost Effective SATA
For more information: http://www.equallogic.com/products/default.aspx?id=7873
• PS6500 Series Enterprise Oriented, 48 drive, 4U chassis with full features
S6500E High Density SATA
For more information: http://www.equallogic.com/products/default.aspx?id=7905
PS Series Software
In addition to the scalable hardware, PS Series arrays provide as part of your warrantee or
support contract all-inclusive array management software, host software, and firmware
updates. The following value-add features and products integrate with PS Series arrays and
are included t for the duration of your warrantee or support agreement.
Firmware - Installed on each array, PS Series firmware software allows you to manage
your storage environment and provides capabilities such as volume snapshots,
cloning, and replication to ensure data hosted on the arrays is protected in the event
of an error or disaster.
For more information: http://www.equallogic.com/resourcecenter/assetview.aspx?id=5601
Group Manager GUI: Provides a graphical user interface for managing a group.

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