September 2010
NVIDIA 3D TV: Frequently Asked Questions
1 How can I find out if my 3D Television is supported?
Go to the NVIDIA 3D TV web page at www.nvidia.com/3dtv. Check the system requirements section to see
a list of supported 3D TVs. If your 3D TV is not listed, contact NVIDIA support at www.nvidia.com/support.
2 Why is the 3D effect available only in full-screen mode but not in window mode?
The current NVIDIA driver is designed to support features such as 3D video streaming only in full-screen
mode. Support for 3D effects in window mode will be made available by NVIDIA as a free update in future
driver releases.
3 Why do I see a black/white screen when I connect or disconnect the HDMI display while playing a game
or watching a Blu-ray movie?
This issue maybe application-specific and may occur when applications are moved from the computer to
an external display and vice versa. This does not indicate a problem with your computer or the application.
To resolve this issue, close the application and open it again in the desired display. Also ensure that the
latest updates have been installed for the application. For more information, see knowledge base article
2757 at www.nvidia.com.
4 Do I need to follow a sequence for installing the Intel and NVIDIA graphic drivers?
No. You can install the Intel and NVIDIA graphic drivers in any sequence.

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