5 Why does my computer not display an image when I uninstall the Intel graphics driver?
This issue occurs because the display on your computer uses the Intel graphics driver. It is recommended
that you do not uninstall the Intel graphics driver.
To resolve the issue, either restart your computer or connect your computer to an external display through
the HDMI connector. For more information, see knowledge base article 2758 at www.nvidia.com.
6 Why is the graphic performance lower in 3D mode compared to 2D mode?
Graphic frame rate in 3D mode is known to be reduced. If you are experiencing low frame rates while
playing games, try reducing the screen resolution or game setting.
7 Why do I see the Windows logo on my computer screen even after Windows has loaded?
This issue may occur on restarpting your computer if you have disabled the Intel graphics adapter.
To workaround this issue, enable the Intel graphics adapter on your computer. For more information,
see knoweldge base article 2759 at www.nvidia.com.
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