- Keystone Manufacturing Co, Inc. Ice Cream Maker Instruction Manual

Before First Use
1. Remove all packing materials and literature from inside the ice
cream maker.
2. Wash the Speedee Freeze canister, Clear-Vue lid, body base
and stir paddle in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry all parts
thoroughly. NEVER immerse motor in water.
Freezing the Speedee Freeze
Before making frozen desserts, it is very important that the
Speedee Freeze canister be properly frozen. The Deni Soft
Serve Ice Cream Maker features a double insulated bowl that
requires thorough freezing. We recommend placing the
Speedee Freeze canister upright in the back of your freezer
where the temperature is the coldest.
Make sure the Speedee Freeze canister is washed and thorough-
ly dried. For best results, wrap canister in a plastic bag.
The length of time necessary to properly freeze the canister
depends on the temperature in your freezer. Freezing time can
vary from 8 24 hours, depending on freezer temperatures
ranging from -30°C/-22°F to -10°C/+3°F.
Shake the Speedee Freeze canister to ensure a properly frozen
bowl. The canister should have no liquid moving inside. If you
hear liquid, it is not frozen.
Keep your Speedee Freeze canister in the freezer when not in
use so you can create frozen desserts anytime.
1. Place the canister in the freezer overnight, (see Freezing the
Speedee Freeze
2. Follow the recipes in our instruction booklet. Almost any frozen
dessert recipe can be used providing it does not make more
than 1 quart. Note: Do not use hard ingredients or candies,
they will not pass through the soft serve spout!!!!!!
3. Prepare the ingredients. Note: For best results, leave the mix-
ture in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours until chilled.
4. Attach the motor on top of the clear vue lid.
5. Take the canister out of freezer and place into body. The can-
ister should be used immediately after removal from freezer
because it will begin to thaw.
6. Place the stir paddle into the opening in the motor. Place the
spiral-shaped piece of the paddle into the bottom hole of the
7. Lock the Clear-Vue™ lid onto the body. Lock the lid using the
“lock” and “unlock” labels on the top of the body.
8. Place the soft serve spout into the bottom of the body. Place the
handle to the left side and twist counter clockwise. The soft
serve spout handle should always be up, until you are ready yo
9. Plug the unit in.
10. Press the ON button. It is very important to turn the unit on
first before pouring the mixture in. The paddle will move