- Keystone Manufacturing Co, Inc. Ice Cream Maker Instruction Manual

The canister must be frozen properly. Check the temperature
in your freezer. Make sure it is -10°C/+3°F or below. If the
freezer is above this temperature and cannot be changed,
ingredients should be as cold as possible. Put mixture in the
freezer for at least 1-2 hours until the mixture starts to crys-
The motor of the unit may be overheated. Give the machine
15 minutes to cool down then turn the motor top back on.
Placing the Speedee Freeze canister in a deep freezer may
cause the ingredients to become too firm for the motor to
work properly. It may be helpful to leave the canister out for
5 minutes before pouring in the ingredients.
Placing ingredients in the canister before turning the unit on,
may cause ingredients to freeze to the bottom of the canister
and stop the machine. Always turn the machine on before
pouring in ingredients.
Hints and Tips
Read all the instructions and save for future reference.
Chill all recipes before pouring in the ice cream maker.
Flavors should be more pronounced before freezing.
For better results drain your yogurt.
We do not recommend adding chopped or chunky
ingredients into the soft serve dessert until after
dispensed, because it may clog the machine.
For pre-cooked recipes, make the mixture one day
before. This will allow it to cool completely and
increase in volume.
Recipes that do not require cooking are best made with
an electric mixer to increase the mixture’s volume.
Cream, sugar, eggs, and milk are the most common
ingredients in ice cream. Substitutions with similar
ingredients may be used depending upon your prefer-
ence. For example, any type of cream can be used,
however, there will be a difference in color, texture and
flavor. The richer the cream you use, the richer the
results. Heavy cream contains about 36% fat, which is
the richest. Whipping cream, coffee (light) cream and
half-and-half contain approximately 30%, 18%, and
10% of fat respectively.
4 oz. of egg substitute is equivalent to two eggs.
When adding or using eggs in any of our recipes we