User Manual

Denver Electronics A/S will under no circumstance take responsibility for any damage done to your mobile
phone while using the Aux Selfie Stick (SAX-10). So please handle stick with care and make sure that the
mobile phone is mounted properly in the selfie stick holder and that the mobile phone holder is fixed before
using the product.
Instructions for use
Please read all instructions carefully.
Some Android phones need to download Camera360 Ultimate app to make the selfie stick work.
Place the mobile phone in the phone bracket and Aux cable in device’s port then start your phone’s
camera function. Extend the selfie stick and press the camera shutter button on the stick to take your
1st Step
Place your smart phone into the phone bracket
2nd Step
Connect the Aux cable in device’s port
3rd Step
Extend the monopod
4th Step
Focus on yourself and push the camera shutter
button on the handle to take your selfie