User Manual

Trouble Shooting
Follow below steps can resolve any pairing or reconnecting issues:
1. In some cases, you might need to re-pair the earbuds with your
smartphone when you turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone or
turn off the earbuds. To re-pair, follow the steps described in
the user manual.
2. Make sure battery dock has enough power;
3. Put the ear-buds into the dock and recharging for a while.
Charging the earbuds
Charging the charging box
During charging, the red LED turns on. After fully charged, the LED
turns off.
Note: When charging, the earbuds are forcibly turned off.
During charging, the red LED flashes. After fully charged, the red LED
turns to solid light.
Talking mode
To control phone calls, make sure the earbuds are connected to your
When there's an incoming call, the calling numbers are voice broadcast.
To answer the call, press the multi-function button once; to reject the
call, long press the multi-function button.
To redial the last phone number during music play, press the
multi-function button twice.
Care and Maintenance
1. Charge the ear-buds at least once every 6 months.
2. Do not store the ear-buds in extreme temperatures (under 0
or over 45).
3. Do not us chemicals or detergents to clean the ear-buds.