User Manual

Page 11
MIDI Functions
The Whammy DT features a MIDI input for receiving incoming MIDI data. MIDI messages can select a
Whammy or Drop Tune effect and set whether these effects are in an active or bypassed state. MIDI
CC messages can then be used to control the Whammy Expression Pedal position.
MIDI Channel
The Whammy DT can receive MIDI messages on any or all MIDI channels. The following steps outline
the procedure for accessing or changing the MIDI channel:
1. Disconnect the power from the Whammy pedal.
2. Press and hold the
WHAMMY Effect Footswitch while reconnecting the power. One of the
WHAMMY Effect LEDs will begin to flash indicating the currently selected MIDI channel.
3. Using the reference chart below, rotate the
WHAMMY Effect Knob to select the desired MIDI
4. Press the
WHAMMY Effect Footswitch again to exit the MIDI set up menu.