User Manual

Page 17
Calibrating the Expression Pedal
In the unlikely event that the expression pedal does not respond properly or that the note does not
bend or return to the correct pitch, it may need to be re-calibrated. The following steps outline the
procedure for expression pedal re-calibration:
1. Disconnect the power from the Whammy pedal.
2. Press and hold the
WHAMMY Effect Footswitch while reconnecting the power. This enables
MIDI and Calibration Setup. One of the
WHAMMY Effect LEDs will begin to flash, indicating the
currently selected MIDI channel.
3. Rock the
Expression Pedal fully forward (toe down) and then press the DROP TUNE
. When you press the footswitch, the DROP TUNE Effect Status LED will first light
red and then change to green, indicating Expression Pedal calibration is now enabled. If the
TUNE Effect Status LED
stays red, make sure the Expression Pedal is rocked fully forward and
press the
DROP TUNE Footswitch until the LED lights green.
4. Rock the
Expression Pedal fully back (toe up) and fully forward (toe down) at least two times.
SHIFT UP LEDs will light back and forth (from 1 to OCT + DRY) as the pedal is rocked,
indicating the pedal is calibrating.
5. When finished, press the
WHAMMY Effect Footswitch again to exit the MIDI and Calibration
set up and return to normal operation.
This completes the expression pedal calibration procedure.