User Manual

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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Whammy™ DT Pedal. When DigiTech invented
the Whammy pedal, it was the most revolutionary and innovative pedal to hit the guitar since the
wah wah. We have now taken the Whammy innovation even further with the introduction of the
Whammy DT. The Whammy DT offers the same great Whammy effects as the original Whammy, but
takes your sound to a whole new level by adding the following:
Additional Whammy effects
Drop Tune and Raised Tuning effects for instant polyphonic re-tuning of your bass or guitar
Momentary switch for hammer-on/pull-off effects
Switchable True Bypass and DSP Bypass modes
Footswitch Input Jack for hands free operation using the optional FS3X Footswitch
Although the Whammy DT has an extremely intuitive user interface, this owner’s manual will help you
understand the Whammy DT functions and allow you to get the most out of your purchase for years
to come.
Included Items
The utmost care was taken while your Whammy DT was being manufactured. Everything should be
included and in perfect working order. Before you get started, please make sure that the following
items have been included:
Whammy DT Pedal
Power Supply
Owner’s Manual
Warranty Registration Information Card
If anything is missing, contact the factory at once. Please take a moment to complete your warranty
card. It is your safeguard should a problem arise with your Whammy.