User Manual

Page 3
4. Whammy Effect Selector Knob
This knob is used to select the Whammy (bend), Harmony intervals, or Detune range controlled
by the expression pedal.
5. Expression Pedal
This pedal is used to control the pitch bending amount of the selected Harmony, Whammy, or
Detune effect. Rocking it forward (toe down) increases the amount of pitch bending while rocking
it back (toe up) decreases the amount of pitch bending.
6. Drop Tune Effect Selector
This knob selects the shift interval for the Drop Tune effect.
7. Drop Tune LEDs
One of these LEDs will light when a Drop Tune effect is selected.
8. Drop Tune Effect Status LED
This LED lights to indicate the Drop Tune effect is on. When the Drop Tune effect is bypassed,
this LED will be off.
9. Drop Tune Effect Switch
This switch turns the Drop Tune effect on and off.
10. Momentary Switch
This switch momentarily turns the Drop Tune effect on or off to create hammer-on and pull-off
style shifting effects.
11. Instrument Input
Connect your instrument to this jack.
12. MIDI Input
Connect any external MIDI device to this jack for the purpose of controlling the Whammy
13. Footswitch Input
An optional FS3X Footswitch can be plugged in here for hands free effect selection (see page 18
for more information).