Your purchase of the Dolan-Jenner
Fiber-Optic Illumination System will
provide you with many years of service
in a large variety of applications which
require high intensity, yet cool
illumination. Please read the following
instructions to ensure that maximum
performance is obtained from your system.
Model 180 and 170-D Illuminators are readily interchangeable within the systems. The
exceptions are with System 181, 181A and 181B which require the Model 180
Illuminator for the support of the self-supporting fiber optic light pipes EEG 2823, EEG
3922 and BG 2820. In addition the Model 180 has the lowest noise and vibration
characteristics that can be incorporated into any unit, which makes it especially suitable
for high magnification stereo-microscope usage.
Fiber-Lite Illuminators achieve maximum reliability and lamp life due to certain design
considerations incorporating air flow parameters that result in long lamp life and cool
housing temperatures as well as component reliability.
The Adapters fit into the Illuminator nosepiece with the flat area facing up. The idler
hole on the flat area is off center, and the shortest dimension faces the illuminator when
The SX 5, 6, & 7 adapters are made with an idler which provides quick disconnect
features that require only a few turns of the thumbscrew on the Illuminator nosepiece to
attach or disengage the fiber optic light pipe.
Due to the self-supporting features of the fiber optic light pipes (BG 2820, EEG 2823,
EEG 3922) it is necessary to remove the thumbscrew on the Illuminator and replace it
with a 7/64 socket head cap screw provided. The SX-11 adapter is then inserted as above
followed by the fiber optic pipe with the flat surface facing up. . Then insert the fiber
optic pipe with the flat surface facing up. Use an Allen Wrench to sufficiently secure the
fiber optic so that there is no rotation.
MANUAL FL180/170
for Models 180 & 170-D

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