The Fiber-Lite MI-150 is a 150 Watt quartz halogen fiber optic illuminator designed for general microscopy
use. When used with specialty fiber optic cables the MI-150 illuminator can also be used in a variety of
laboratory illumination applications.
lInitial Setup
lRemove the MI-150 Illuminator from the carton and retain the manual and any additional documents.
lRemove the fiber optic cable from the carton if the illuminator was purchased as part of a Fiber Optic
system. If the system includes an EEG2823, EEG3922 or BG2820 self supporting gooseneck fiber optic
cable then also remove the LH759 lens(es) from the carton. The EEG2823 and EEG3922 fiber optic
systems include two(2) LH759 lenses while the BG2820 system includes one(1) LH759 lens.
lLoosen the fiber optic nosepiece thumbscrew.
lInsert the fiber optic tip into the illuminator nosepiece. If the fiber optic is either an EEG2823, EEG3922 or
BG2820 self supporting gooseneck style cable then the tip of the cable will have a small groove in the tip.
The groove in the tip will firmly secure the fiber optic cable in the nosepiece and prevent rotation of the
cable. Align the groove in the tip with the nosepiece thumbscrew. Ringlight fiber optic cables do not have a
groove and can be installed without special alignment.
l Tighten the thumbscrew by hand to make a secure connection to the fiber optic. Use of pliers or other
tools is not recommended. Use of tools may result in damage to the illuminator or the fiber optic
lInsert the AC power cord into the power entry at the rear of the illuminator. Use only approved power
cord supplied with the illuminator.
lInsert the AC power cord into the proper AC mains outlet for the illuminator voltage ordered. If any doubt
exists consult the labels on the rear and underside of the illuminator before connecting the illuminator to AC
Fiber Optic Connection
The MI-150 illuminator uses a B-type fiber optic nosepiece with a 0.590 in. (15mm) ID. B-Type nosepieces will
accept self-supporting goosenecks (EEG2823, EEG3922, BG2820) and ringlight (A3739) fiber optics without
the need for an adapter. Fiber optics smaller than the 0.590 in. (15mm) ID will require the use of B-type
Operation Manual
A Product of Dolan Jenner Industries

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