Voltage Selection:
Read and review the instructions on the label covering the power entry module and the instructions in
this section prior to connecting power to the illuminator.
Notice: The user must set the illuminator to the correct voltage prior to connecting the illuminator to
the AC power mains. Connecting the illuminator to the AC power mains without setting the voltage selector
switch to the correct value may result in damage to the illuminator and may void the warranty.
The PL900 illuminator can operate at either 115 VAC 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz. All PL900
illuminators are shipped with the voltage set for 230 VAC. To operate the PL900 at 115 VAC the user
must move the voltage selector switch to the 115 setting prior to connecting power to the illuminator.
Fiber Optic Connection
Notice: Do not operate the illuminator without the fiber optic connected to the illuminator.
Loosen the fiber optic nosepiece thumbscrew.
Insert the fiber optic into the illuminator nosepiece.
Tighten the thumbscrew by hand to make a secure connection to the fiber optic. Use of pliers or
other tools is not recommended.
Two nosepiece styles are available with the PL900 series of fiber optic illuminators. A-type with a
0.985 in. (25mm) ID, or B-type with a 0.590 in. (15mm) ID smaller than the 0.985 in. ID.
A-type nosepieces require the use of adapters to mate fiber optic light guides smaller than the 0.985 in. ID.
Adapters fit into the nosepiece and reduce the ID to accept the chosen fiber optic. The fiber optic and the
adapter are secured with the thumbscrew. The following A-type adapters (SX-5, SX-6 & SX-7) are made
with an idler which allows quick disconnect of the fiber optic.
B-Type nosepieces will accept self-supporting goosenecks (EEG2823C, EEG3922C, BG2820C, etc.) and
ringlight (A3739B) fiber optics without the need for an adapter. Fiber optics smaller than the 0.590 in.
(15mm) ID will require the use of B-type adapters (SX-5B, SX-6B & SX-7B).
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