Use Instructions

product name: Remote control
Product model: Y-1
Instructions for use
1. Turn on: Press and hold the switch button on the product for 3 seconds to turn on. The LED
indicator will light up, indicating that the product is turned on.
After the product is turned on, short press the power button of the product to control the
frequency switching of the product. The product has 10 vibration modes.
2. Shut down: long press the control key on the product
3. Store in a clean and private place.
1. Connect the USB cable to the adapter and the other one to the massager.
2. When charging, the on/off button LED indicator will flash. After charging is complete, the led
light will stop flashing and stay on. Each charge takes about 2 hours.
3. If the red light of the on/off button flashes during use, it indicates that the battery is low,
please charge it.
4. Please use only the original charging cable provided.
5. You can charge the device that connects the USB cable to the digital device. We do not provide
USB power adapters.
1. Please use only water-soluble lubricants when using. Hand cream or silicon-soluble lubricants
may permanently damage the surface of the product. Please clean after use, especially after
using lubricant.
2. Please read the instructions before use.
3. Keep away from children.
4. Pregnant women need to consult a doctor before using this product.
5. If the silicone layer is broken, do not use it.
6. Personal use of the product. We recommend not to share with others.
Clean, storage and safety
1. The product is waterproof.
2. Clean the product before and after each use. Use warm water (maximum temperature 80°C
is recommended) and antibacterial soap. Rinse the residue with clean water, and finally wipe it
with a dry towel or paper until it is completely dry.
3. Do not use cleaners containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone.
4. Please avoid exposing the product to high temperature or sunlight.
5. Please put the product in a clean, dry place and separate it from other massagers.
packing list
Manual, product, USB cable, remote control.
Recharge for Receiver

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