Awnings in a Box® and Door Canopy in a Box® Care
We use only quality fabrics in the manufacture of our products, but fabrics do have a few limitations; therefore proper care of your awning is
important to extend its life.
Remove any wrinkles after installation by spraying awning with water while in direct sunlight and allow to air dry.
Clean the awning fabric with a mild soap solution or a Fabric Cleaner type product and rinse with water as required, every 6 months or
Keep the underside of your awning clean and free of debris by brushing gently with a household broom.
You can increase the life of your awning even further by applying a Fabric Guard/UV type product.
Remove awning during extremely windy or cold conditions is required to maintain warranty coverage.
Storing awning indoors during winter will extend the life and beauty of your new awning, be sure to store in a dry area.
Don’t spray insect repellant over fabric, this will void the warranty and staining could occur.
Don’t permit leaves, twigs, pine needles or debris to accumulate and remain on the awning.
Don’t drag on abrasive surfaces, trim trees and shrubs that could come into contact with awning.
Don’t wash with bleach, harsh or abrasive cleaners use only items listed in product care guidelines to clean awning.
Don’t store awning in a sealed, non-breathable bag or container.
Fabric Pro-rated for 1 years from date of purchase, follow all product care instructions carefully.
Frame hardware 1 years from date of purchase, check hardware periodically for rust and corrosion which could stain or deteriorate,
clean if necessary.
Awning is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.

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