HDPE Care / Cleaning Instructions (Optional)
Basic Cleaning:
Use this method for a quick clean-up throughout the season when necessary (add bleach to eliminate any stubborn
stains or dirt build-up from the winter months)
1. Mix mild dish soap and warm water in a bucket.
2. Use a clean cloth to wipe the soapy mixture onto the surfaces of your furniture, cleaning off any dirt.
3. For extra cleaning power, mix 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water.
4. Apply bleach mixture to furniture with a clean cloth and allow it to sit on the lumber for a few minutes (this will
not affect the color).
5. Loosen any dirt and debris that may catch in the surface grooves of the lumber by scrubbing the bleach
mixture with a soft-bristle brush.
6. Rinse thoroughly.
Deep Cleaning:
If you haven't cleaned your furniture in a year it's time to go big. Plus, using a high-pressure power washer is pretty
get into the texture of the lumber
2. Then, follow the steps at the left for any persistent spots, rinsing thoroughly when complete.

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