Pub. 988-0152-081
Addendum I
Additional Instructions for
Eagle Cuda 240i S/GPS
Your sonar/GPS unit, the Cuda 240i, functions exactly like the Cuda
240 described in the manual provided (part 988-0152-012). In addition,
the Cuda 240i contains a communications port for NMEA 0183 output.
The instructions for connecting data cables and setting up the
communications port appear in this addendum.
NMEA 0183 Data Cable Connections
NMEA is a standard communications format for marine electronic
equipment. The Cuda 240i can send information to any device that
receives NMEA 0183 data. This allows the unit to work with VHF
marine radios equipped with the Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
distress call feature.
To send NMEA 0183 data, the Cuda 240i has one NMEA 0183 version
2.0 communication port. The com port can be used to send NMEA
formatted data such as your current position.
The provided Cuda 240i data cable plugs into the accessory socket on the
right side of the back of your unit's case. The data cable ends in two wires
that connect to your VHF radio or other NMEA device. The Cuda 240i uses
the yellow wire to transmit and the black shield wire for signal ground.
Some VHF radios, such as the popular Uniden
brand, have input
levels which require use of an additional diode and resistor built into
the Cuda 240i data cable. This is Wiring Diagram A, which is
described on page 2. The majority of the DSC radios will work with the
resistor and diode as provided by Eagle.

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