Cut Sheet

Wireway body and cover are fabricated from (14) gauge steel
Flanges are (10) gauge steel
All continuous welded seams are finished smooth
External and internal edges are rounded to prevent injury or
damage to cable
Covers are secured to the wireway and fitting body with heavy
duty butt hinges and quick-release latches
Covers have a fixed, oil-resistant gasket
An oil-resistant gasket is provided for installation between flanges
All covers and sealing plates can be hinged completely open or
removed to allow for continuous “lay-in” cable feed
All straight sections and fittings are furnished with sealing plate
kits (see pages 33-37)
Wash and phosphate undercoat
ANSI 61 gray polyester powder finish
Hardware and latches are zinc plated with a yellow
chromate finish
Houses runs of control and power cable
Protects against circulating dust, falling dirt and dripping
noncorrosive liquids
UL 870 listed, unless noted (see table)
CSA C22.2 No. 26 certified, unless noted (see table)
Conforms to NEMA standard for Type 12
Conforms to JIC standard EGP-1-1967
IEC 60529, IP54
Touch-up paint
See Accessories section
NEMA 12 Lay-In Wireway
Data Sheet
Notes: Cooper B-Line Systems can provide special sizes, finishes and other modifications. Consult the factory for your special requirements.

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