This warranty policy of THC S.A applies to the various fittings and pipe branded Flair-It, Flair-It Pro
Manifolds, PEXLock, FLAIR-IT FLEX and EcoPoly.
Warranty contents
THC provides the warranty for various fittings and valves in this policy; term conditions and
exclusions as below.
Fitttings and valves
THC warrants for 25 years from the date the pipe, fittings and valves shipped out of factory when
operating within allowable pressure and liquid, heat transfer liquid leakages result from
manufacturing defect. THC has responsibility to provide free defective components of fittings or
valves. THC is not responsible to provide repair or labor for other damage not related with product
Warranty policy excludes:
1. Fittings working with Tº and pressure, higher than indicated in ASTM F 877
2. Valves working with Tº and pressure, higher than indicated in ASME A112.18.1 / CSA
3. Pressure controller booster pump as water supply for fittings and valves in defects.
4. Using corrosive liquid in and over the products
5. Products are not used for original purpose
6. Damage or breaking by installation over tightening or over strenght in manipulation
(didn’t used appropriate tools)
7. Damage from transportation, handling, shipping or natural disaster.
Genaral manager
Marcial Sobarzo

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