Installation Guide

1 Turn the motor OFF.
2 Press the ON/OFF (1) and Intensive speed (5) buttons
together for 3 seconds.
You will hear a beep and all control lights will illuminate
for 3 seconds.
This action will Disable speeds 3 and 4 and eectively
lower the Maximum airflow to > 300 CFM.
3 Locate the CFM certification sticker in the hardware pack.
4 Peel and Ax this sticker to a visible area in the blower.
This sticker provides ocial certification to your local
inspector that this hoods maximum airflow has been
reduced to > 300 CFM.
CFM Reduction System
Before operating your hood:
Some States and Provinces of the US & Canada restrict the
maximum exhausting airflow of range hoods.
Airflow is measured as cubic feet per minute (CFM).
These maximum levels allowed are detailed in the local code
of your area. Please check local codes to find out if you need
to restrict the maximum airflow of your hood. If your local
code mandates a maximum airflow level below the maximum
airflow of this hood (i.e. 600 CFM), please execute the procedu-
re below to reduce the maximum airflow.
ETB424SS, ETB430S2 & ETB436S2 models
1. Blower and light controls
2. LED lamps
3. Grease filter handle
4. Grease filter
5. Duct covers
1. Light On/O button
2. Blower On/O button
3. Blower speed minimum button
4. Blower speed medium button
5. Blower speed maximum button
NOTE: Control buttons will light up when range hood is On.
Operating the light
The Light On/O button (1) controls both lights. Press once
for On and again for O.
Operating the blower
The Blower On/O button (2) turns the blower On or O.
The Blower Speed buttons (3, 4 and 5) set the desired speed
and control the sound level for quiet operation. The speed
can be changed anytime during fan operation by pressing the
desired blower speed button.
1 To turn the blower On, press the Blower On/O button (2)
and the desired speed button (3, 4 or 5).
2 To turn the blower O, press the Blower On/O button (2).
Any of the 3 blower speed buttons can be in the On position
at the same time. The blower will operate at the highest speed
button that is pushed in. For lower blower speeds, the higher
speed buttons must not be pushed in.