Installation Guide

3 Tape template in place, aligning the template centerline
and bottom of template with hood bottom line and with
the centerline marked on the wall.
A. Centerline
B. Fastener locations
C. Mounting height reference (hood bottom line)
4 Mark centers of the fastener locations through the
template to the wall.
IMPORTANT: All screws must be installed into wood.
If there is no wood to screw into, additional wall framing
supports may be required.
5 Remove the template.
6 Drill
16” (4.8 mm) pilot holes at all locations where screws
are being installed into wood.
7 Install the 2 - 5 x 45 mm mounting screws. Leave a
(6.4 mm) gap between the wall and the back of the screw
head to slide range hood into place.
(6.4 mm)
Vent cover bracket installation
1 Attach vent cover bracket to wall flush to the ceiling using
2 - 5 x 45 mm screws.
A. Ceiling
B. Wall
C. Centerline
Complete preparation
1 Determine and make all necessary cuts in the wall for the
vent system. Install the vent system before installing the
hood. See “Venting Requirements” section.
2 Determine the required height for the home power supply
cable and drill a 1¼” (3.2 cm) hole at this location.
3 Run the home power supply cable according to the
National Electrical Code or CSA Standards and local codes
and ordinances. There must be enough ½” conduit and
wires from the fused disconnect (or circuit breaker) box to
make the connection in the hood’s electrical terminal box.
NOTE: Do not reconnect power until installation is complete.
4 Use caulk to seal all openings.
Install Range Hood
1 Using 2 or more people, hang range hood on 2 mounting
screws through the mounting slots on back of hood.
A. Mounting screws
B. Mounting slots
C. Lower mounting screws
2 Mark with a pencil the lower mounting holes location.
3 Uninstall the hood assembly, and drill
16” (4.8 mm) pilot
holes at marked locations.
4 Hang the range hood again on 2 upper mounting screws.
5 Level the range hood and tighten upper mounting screws.
6 Install 2 - 5 x 45 mm lower mounting screws and tighten.
Use the optional wall anchors if needed.
Connect Vent System
1 Install transition on top of hood (if removed for shipping)
with 2 - 3.5 x 9.5 mm sheet metal screws.
A. Vent transition
B. 3.5 x 9.5 mm screw
For vented installations only:
1 Fit vent system over the exhaust outlet.
2 Measure from the bottom of the air deflector to the
bottom of the hood outlet. Cut the ductwork at the
measured dimension.
to measure
Roof outlet
3 Seal connection with clamps.
4 Check that back draft dampers work properly.