Product Datasheet/Brochure

Easily attached Frame Tension System, allows
perfect tension uniformity with a simple
procedure. Standard Black Backed Screen
Material prevents light penetration for
superior color reproduction.
(Not available on all material)
Standard 2.36" Black Velvet Surfaced Frame enhances
the perceived brightness of the projection image with
superior contrast and color reproduction for sharper
picture quality. Wide-Borders also absorb light
overshoot to professionally matte your presentation.
The aluminum Sliding Wall Brackets
provide the installer with a simple
solution to screen installation and
adjustable horizontal centering.
“I found that it had a decent reectivity to it, but didn’t suer too much from hot spotting (which
obviously you would expect from a lower gain screen), nor did it have any sparkles or other anoma-
lies to it. Elite certainly has a good idea here. Good performance, good build quality, and good
features in a screen, for a lower price point.
AV Science, NY
By comparison, the Firehawk
screen tends to reject ambient light from the side, a little better than
the ezFrame by Elite. (All's fair - an equivalent Firehawk xed wall projector screen is much over
double the price. Color was virtually identical, but yellows did appear just a touch stronger than on the Firehawk
. This was very close and not an
issue. Overall color was very good. With a 100" 16:9 Elite ezFrame screen selling for about half of a Da-Lite Cinema Contour with ProTrim (their fancy
velourish border), and barely a 1/3 of a Stewart Luxus Deluxe, it allows home theater people to own an attractive looking xed wall screen, with
good performance, at a price that simply isn't available from the larger established brands.
Art Feierman /
CineWhite™ Tension Screen
Material has a wide viewing
Angle in 1.1 Gain, suitable for
most applications including
commercial and home theater
CineGrey Tension Screen
Material is best for those using
low contrast ratio (LCD)
projectors in a home theater
environment and need to
improve picture black levels.
WraithVeil Elite’s rear projection
screen material comes in 2.2 high
gain to be used in ambient light
environments, such as
tradeshows, meeting rooms, and
outside evening presentations.
Its special surface coating
enhances color reproduction and
black level reproduction with
wide diusion for multiple
CineGrey 5D™ is an ambient
light rejecting front material for
2D and Active or Passive 3D
Steroscopic presentations. The
high gain/contrast properties
improve the brightness and
contrast levels in ambient light
environments for both 2D and
AcousticPro1080P3 is an
acoustically transparent front
projection material. The angular
weave eliminates the moire eect
while presenting warm neutral
colors for today's high denition
1080P (1920x1080) projectors.
This material allows speaker
placement behind while allowing
an exceptional acoustically
transparent performance.